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A permanent improvement in the baseline.


In 2021, after 12 years in the fitness industry, Jamie recognised a commonality of those he had the privilege to train. From busy execs, to single parents, to professional world class athletes who had competed in the Olympics. Consistency. Consistency enables a permanent improvement in the baseline. It became obvious, those who were able to achieve their goals, were able to prioritise, show up and chip away. Those purposeful consistent actions over time matter most when trying to achieve success, not momentary peaks or bursts of intensity. What we do in our day to day.

Jamie's outstanding retention of his trainees over the years helped him identify this attribute, as the majority of whom have followed him from pillar to post for over 8 years. This helped make Perma Performance become a reality.

Jamie has constantly tried to develop himself and enhance the profession of Strength & Conditioning further. He is a big believer of having skin in the game and eating in your own restaurant, demonstrated by a masters distinction he achieved in Strength & Conditioning at St. Mary's University in 2022. This led to Jamie becoming a co-author on a published research paper titled "The effects of heat-induced hypo-hydration and rehydration on blood-brain-barrier permeability, corticospinal and peripheral excitability". 

Jamie also has a keen interest in hybrid training and endurance sports. This underpinned by his passion, insight and his understanding of physiology. Jamie currently competes in endurance sports and has a snappy 5k PB of 18.32!




Across his coaching career, now spanning 17+ years, Jono has recognised that the ability to cultivate and develop physical and mental wellbeing is uniquely and unequivocally linked to the ability to create and develop strong relationships with the people he works with. 


Coaching after all is centered around the development of people. A very 'human' interaction. Every new person that stands in front of us represents a unique blend of abilities, experiences and emotions that impact the development of their wellness. Our job is to help them navigate towards something deemed more appropriate. 


Ultimately, the desire to develop these relationships under your own roof and stewardship led to creation of PERMA Performance in 2021. 


Alongside future exploration of pathways that lead to a deeper understanding of the 'human' side of coaching, Jono has a passion and desire for raising the standards in the industry. Ultimately, hoping to leave the industry in a better place than where he started. 


Jono has a keen interest in strength & power sports, having been in and around these sports throughout his own sporting history. More recently he has completed education with British Weightlifting, which he hopes at some stage to use as a springboard into competitive weightlifting environments. 

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