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Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) is the number of calories (kcal) burned at rest to sustain life. Every major bodily function involves the metabolism, from breathing to brain function. Variables such as age, sex, muscle mass and activity levels all affect your RMR. RMR is responsible for up to 70% of your total energy expenditure. INDIRECT CALORIMETRY (breath analysis) is considered the absolute gold standard for measuring RMR, often used in clinical or research settings. By measuring oxygen consumption (VO2) and carbon dioxide production (VCO2), we can ascertain something called a respiratory exchange ratio (RER). Simply put, this tells us what fuels are being utilised (either carbohydrates or fats) and the distribution of these fuels at rest over a period of 10 minutes. This can then tell us exactly how many kcal you use to sustain the above bodily functions. RMR also gives great insight into metabolic health, highlighting the distribution of fuels being utilised at rest which is vital for metabolic health. 

The test involves lying down in a rested state (4 hours fasted) breathing as normal for 10 minutes with a mask on around your nose and mouth attached to our PNOE device. After 10 minutes is up, we will be able to discuss initial feedback from the test, with a full individualised report sent to you within 24hrs! Total booking time 30mins.

PRICE: £99

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Force plates are the gold standard measurement tool for understanding ground reaction force. Typically seen in elite sports clubs and sport science labs, they allow us to examine key force characteristics during specific movements.


The main benefit of utilising force plates lies in the sensitive data we collect from them. Tests can be totally bespoke to your goals and relevance. However, we typically perform at least two separate movements. Generally these two movements give us a great understanding in your lower body force producing abilities. Firstly, a measure of maximal peak force you can achieve during a static pull. This gives us a measure of maximum strength. Secondly, a jump variation, where we ascertain jump height and metrics like rate of force development. From both these tests we can get comparative scores like a "dynamic strength index" which tells us if you should prioritise developing maximal strength or the ability to produce force quickly.


These are invaluable insights which can help get the most out of strength training and athletic performance. All tests can be adapted to you and your performance goals, and can be even used to highlight limb imbalances and muscular strength post injury. Total test time involves a warm up and familiarisation of the movements being performed before testing. Individualised training report with future recommendations will be sent 24hrs after your test! Total booking time 1hr.

PRICE: £99


VO2 max testing is the absolute gold standard measurement in endurance performance. VO2 max can be defined as the amount of oxygen you can utilise during exercise. This has strong correlations to aerobic health and is one of the best predictors of developing cardiovascular disease. It isn't just all about your VO2 max! With this test we are able to see fuel utilisation across work performed. This enables us to accurately ascertain which exercise intensities you use predominately fats or carbohydrates, and exactly how many calories you burn at a given intensity. With this information we can then prescribe the most accurate training zones.


Where as heart rate and FTP tells you a number, without understanding the physiology behind the number you don't know how your body achieved it. This tells us how and the why.

What does the test involve? Because our device is portable we are able to assess VO2 max and metabolic function on our Wahoo KICKR or Concept 2 rower, depending on your sport or exercise preference. The test involves a familiarisation of the protocol, a 5 minute warm up, 9-12 incremental ramp stages and a warm down. We will be able to discuss initial feedback from the test, with a full individualised report sent to you within 24hrs! Total booking time 1hr.

PRICE: £149


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