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Have you ever wanted to train with us but can't get down to our facility for 1-2-1 coaching!?

Then this service may be for you...

Coaching and interacting with professional athletes at the pinnacle of their sport has helped shape this unique service. Due to travel, packed schedules and other training commitments, sometimes it's difficult to find, manage and devote time to quality strength and conditioning. With remote coaching we offer the chance to interact with us via our app. We help schedule your training, deliver detailed easy to follow training sessions and enable you to feedback and monitor your training! Once purchased we send you an invite to the PERMA Performance branded app where all your training content will reside.

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    Remote Coaching

    Every month
    • Initial 1hr zoom consultation and movement screen
    • Full access to exercise video library & educational content
    • Detailed training sessions with feedback
    • Unique monitoring system with everyday check ins
    • x1 30 minute zoom call check in per month
    • Performance testing on site x1 every 3 months
    • Full access to online programme templates and handbooks
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