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After being ill and away from training for a while I decided to return to martial arts. The problem, I went in like I had been training before I got ill. The result was a full Labral tear on my shoulder. I did not have the fitness or strength foundation which I had before, and this was my error. 

I started working with Jamie before my shoulder surgery, working around the problem and improving strength in the areas of which we could target. Once I had the shoulder surgery Jamie continued working with me to regain mobility and strength. It was tiresome and quite frankly not a highlight in my life. However, Jamie kept me on the path towards my goals and constantly kept me in check to ensure I didn’t reinjure myself further. Coaching comes in so many different forms, some take a back seat and create crazy sessions that they will think keep you engaged, but a great Coach focuses on where your body needs to be to perform at your best. Jamie not only assisted in the process of building a solid foundation but also reminded me that my goals are in reach, just keep building, strengthening, and working to be the best form of myself. Mental and physical health work together, to strengthen both you need a knowledgeable Coach and I’m grateful I found one in Jamie. 


I came to Jonno to help train whilst going through rehabilitation after a knee replacement. Not only did I get personal training fully tailored to my limited abilities but I got coaching above the normal levels of Personal Training - ensuring that I not only got a full session, I also got targeted training to increase my strength and range of movement after my surgery. Nearly two and half years later and I’m still seeing Jonno - the reason is simple, Jonno is an awesome coach. I get pushed, I get tested, I always feel like I’ve achieved, my knowledge and skills continue to grow and my technique has taken me to a new level of performance - even after all this time, I still have a ton to learn, a lot to achieve and I continually have my goals tested, challenged and raised. If you want to improve your fitness, improve your understanding of fitness and feel confident in your abilities - this is where you need to come.

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After suffering a severe spinal injury following a cycling incident my need was for an environment in which I could focus on my rehabilitation. 5 years on, I can categorically say I'm in a stronger position than I was pre injury. Jamie's training methods, variety and studied approach have helped enormously. All of this together with much encouragement and just a little humour is a perfect combination!

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